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  Fairmont PTA

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Our Mission

We, the Fairmont Elementary PTA, are a community of involved parents, educators, and community members aiming to help make our school a positive learning environment for our children by providing our fellow parents and teachers opportunities to connect, advocate for our students, and support our educators. We all work as partners in our children’s educational experience.

Our purpose is to help provide for our children, specifically students attending Fairmont Elementary School TK-6. When possible and applicable, we will help provide for the needs of Fairmont educators, such needs enhancing and bettering the safety, education, and welfare of our students.

Our goal is to increase parental and community involvement and support for Fairmont Elementary, thereby promoting school pride and a sense of belongingness to the Fairmont Elementary family. We can help achieve this goal by providing opportunities and forums to volunteer, participate, connect with, and contribute, e.g., programs and events, family nights, outreach, in-classroom help, fundraisers, supply donations, field trips, other activities, etc.

As the Fairmont Elementary PTA’s goals are program and fundraiser driven, we will strive to accomplish the goals set forth and raise monies required to achieve these goals. To achieve our program and fundraising goals, we will strive to rely upon and appreciate the continued support, contribution, participation, and involvement of our parents, teachers, and community members.

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